Moonlight Manor Assisted Living Home LLC
Moonlight Manor Assisted Living Home Superior Quality Care

Providing Modern Living Facilities for Elderly People

Upscale Assisted Living in Surprise, AZ

Moonlight Manor Assisted Living Home LLC results from comprehensive research as to what was needed for superior quality care for the elderly and what was available in the community.

Moonlight Manor Assisted Living Home LLC

The Background Story

After touring many assisted living homes to purchase one for our own business, we concluded that even though friendly folks ran some lovely homes, there was not one where we would have wanted to be placed should that need arise.

More often than not, residents were sharing a bedroom with another resident, and even when private bedrooms were available, they were still sharing a bathroom with several other residents. This was not the “feel” of the home we wanted to own and operate.

Our Inception

In early 2007 we purchased an acre of land in Surprise's quiet yet convenient area and got busy with the planning and construction.

By October of 2009, Moonlight Manor Assisted Living Home LLC, our truly beautiful and state-of-the-art facility, was open and accepting residents. We are proud of the home we provide for our residents and the stellar reputation within our industry and community.

Our Belief & Mission

We want nothing but the best here at Moonlight Manor Assisted Living Home LLC. We are privileged to care for those who have worked hard all their lives and deserve only the best in the final leg of their journey. It is our mission to see to it that that journey is as enjoyable as possible.

Give us a call and come by for a tour. We’d love to take you around.